How to Make Serious Money Online

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Published: 24th January 2013
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How to Make Serious Money Online
By Tony Behnk

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If you want a successful online business, then you must learn to ask the RIGHT questions.

“If you want to get paid like a successful business owner, you must treat
your business like a successful business.”
In the rest of this report, I'm going to talk about start talking about the first part of the “magic
money equation” that I mentioned earlier. Traffic. (I'll teach you conversion a bit later)

So, lets get started,
Traffic + Leads= Conversions

The 2 keys of any business online or even offline for that matter are: You need something to sell and you Need some one to buy what you are selling. For instance you wouldn't want to sell a cookbook to a person who is interested in learning to play the piano.
You need to find out who your targeted buyer is. This is key, you must know your customer better than the competition does. You must know their wants, needs, and how to help them overcome the problems they are searching to find answers for.

This is called your customer Avatar. Knowing your customer, is knowing what they want to get from you and then start building a trust factor. These are key elements to establishing a relationship with your buyers.

Most of the time, people only buy from someone they can trust. So having a great relationship is an important key to success.

FINDING Something to Sell:
There are Tons of places online that allow you to sell their goods for a commission of the sale price, Clickbank and Clicksure are a few of the biggest. Also you can choose to become an affiliate for an online company. This part of the equation is pretty simple considering that there are many things online to sell. Finding a product that people want to buy is going to take some time and research. I recommend using google keyword tool to find out what offers have a high search ranking and a low to medium competition.

If you have a great offer but everyone and their mom is out there selling it, it will become harder to make sales. But if you have a really good product or offer and just a few people are out there selling it, you stand a better chance to make money.
The Next part is trying to find someone to sell it to. This is The Tough Part.

Finding the Right Customer:
Again this is where good research comes into play. You must know who your customer is... Are they a man woman or both? Do they have a certain trait about them and so on.. What are they trying to learn or figure out?

Where should you be getting traffic from? I have had some success with doing PPV Traffic, which stands for Pay Per View. PPV is a pop up ad that allows you to place wherever you want. These ads cannot be blocked by pop-up blockers because they are registered different that a normal pop-up. The best part about PPV traffic is how cheap it is. You can get views for as low as a half of one cent! Direct PPV is a good site to check out along with 7 search.

YOU should ALWAYS be sending your traffic to a squeeze page, to collect the prospects information such as name and E-mail. This way if they like your offer but don't buy immediately you have a chance to follow up with them through an email. After the Prospect has entered in their Email you send them directly to your Sales letter. Your sales letter should include key bullet points on what they will receive upon purchase, it must include some real live testimonials either video or letters telling people how great the product is and what their results are after using your product.

Another Great traffic source I use are called banner ads. Plenty of Fish is one I have used in the past. Banner ads are placed at the top or side of other people's webpages. This allows your product to be viewed from many different sources and gives it exposure across the internet.

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